The Academy is committed to helping partners expand local training resources by offering a range of training for trainers programs. We recommend that local partners form collaborations to share funding and trainer resources. Working together, training group sizes can be increased and training responsibilities shared. This increases the overall quality of the professional development offered and increases training utilization while reducing per participant costs.

Training for trainer programs (TOT) are typically offered in conjunction with the core training content. Using this method, student trainers can experience the course, taught by a senior Academy trainer, while also learning how to present and facilitate the course content. This saves both time and money, and offers trainers the opportunity to practice presenting the course quickly. Working in collaboration with other local instructors reduces the need to master all the course content before presenting the course for the first time.


Trainers complete a Trainer Application before entering a TOT program. This helps the Academy tailor the TOT experience to the needs of the instructors-in-training. Preference is given to students who have previous training experience. Students with limited training background can be accepted into the TOT program on a provisional basis. These students may need to complete additional demonstration of skill in teaching a course before full approval is granted

Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course Trainer

The Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course Training of Trainers (TOT) is designed to prepare practitioners to teach the Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course as part of an in-agency professional development program or as a trainer in a regional training collaboration. Students will… Attend the CYC: Foundations Course and orientation to its philosophy, training resources & process. Receive…


Youth ThriveTM Training for Trainers

The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) supported the development of a Training of Trainers (TOT) curriculum co-created by the National Resource Center for Youth Services (NRCYS) and the Academy for Competent Youth Work. The Academy offers this curriculum in collaboration with CSSP as part of the Youth Thrive Training Collaborative (YTTC) that…


The Meaningful Use of Daily Life Events (DLE Training)

Training for trainers of the Meaningful Use of Daily Life Event (DLE) course is typically offered on the day following the course.  Using this approach allows many people to complete the core course taught by a Senior Trainer while a smaller group can become trainers to support expansion of local training capacity.    The Academy…