Child & Youth Care:

Practitioner Course Details

CYC Certification is recognized by the Council on Accreditation. The CYC: Foundations Course is the most widely used curriculum to prepare staff for CYC Certification.
Learn valuable concepts and new skills based on leading-edge research and best practices relevant across the entire field of child and youth care services.


Prepare for the Families First Act transition to community-based, family-focused care.

The Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course introduces practitioners to basic concepts and skills in professional child and youth work. The 36-hour learning experience helps students develop the skills and understanding needed to work in a relationship-based setting.

The classes are based on competencies for entry-level practice included in CYC Certification requirements representing knowledge and skills important to employment in any of the major practice settings including early childhood education, education, out-of-school-time, foster parenting, residential care, mental health, transitional living, recreation, juvenile justice, community youth services, and developmental disabilities.

Students leave our courses with…

Familiarity and sensitivity to how children and youth develop.

The knowledge and capacity to engage in empowering interactions.

Awareness of careers in child and youth work and the fundamentals of professional practice.

A repertoire of activities and techniques for engaging youth to help them develop independence and Thrive.

Brain-based approaches to guide youth, resolve conflict, and improve self-regulation.

A better understanding of how to work within and across teams, families, cultures, and communities.

Access to online modules, manuals for each session and between-class activities.

Training hours that qualify for national and international CYC certification.

Post-training testing using the entry-level certification exam.

Course Modules and Contents

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Course participants receive manuals for each session, access to online modules, between-class activities, and post-training testing using the entry-level certification exam.

CYC: Foundations Course classes are designed to accommodate up to 40 participants. Typically classes contain between 10 and 30 participants. Increasing class size reduces per person training costs and offers cost benefits.

The Academy also offers a Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course Training of Trainers program designed to prepare practitioners to teach the Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course as part of an in-agency professional development program or as a trainer in a regional training collaboration.