Child & Youth Care:

Training of Trainers Course Details

CYC Certification is recognized by the Council on Accreditation. The CYC: Foundations Course is the most widely used curriculum to prepare staff for CYC Certification.
Experience the Foundations Course, learning all the same valuable concepts and skills, while also learning how to present and facilitate the course content.

The Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course Training of Trainers (TOT) is designed to prepare practitioners to teach the Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course as part of an in-agency professional development program or as a trainer in a regional training collaboration.

  • Attend the CYC: Foundations Course and orientation to its philosophy, training resources & process.
  • Receive the Trainer Manual that fully describes the course modules, learning objectives, timing, key learning, and activities as well as receive sample course manuals, powerpoint slides for all modules, CDs, forms, etc.
  • Learn how to teach the course, manage the online learning resources, and how to provide participants with support to enrich skill development following training.
  • Receive training in adult learning and course facilitation.
  • Work with Academy Senior Instructors, many of which are leaders in the profession, and other trainers to hone their skills.
  • Gain membership to the Academy Trainer’s Network, including monthly webinars and access to the online trainer community and resources.

Typically over one year, graduates will work with an assigned Academy Senior Trainer and other trainers to demonstrates the following skills in teaching the CYC: Foundations Course

Planning, teamwork, co-teaching, networking & organizing skills.

Creating a transformational learning environment.

Creating engaging personalized presentations.

Facilitation of discussion, large group and classroom activities, experiential learning, between-class and review activities.

Group development & management.

Mentoring & skills coaching.

Conducting CYC certification testing & supporting certification completion.

Instructors who complete the Training of Trainers Course are granted Provisional Trainer Status until they have fully demonstrated their ability to competently teach the course and achieve Approved Trainer Status.  Fully approved instructors can teach the course in their organization, regional area, and (with special permission) outside of their area as part of the Academy national training team.

Graduates of the Training of Trainers course gain access to a wealth of resources available through the Academy and create relationships with others who are working nationally to advance the profession.

Training is offered regionally periodically or can be arranged for your organization or area.

Upcoming Training

For more information or to schedule training in your area or for your organization, email us!

The Training of Trainers course is typically scheduled in conjunction with the Child & Youth Care: Foundations Course which TOT students must attend in full before being approved to teach the course. TOT students can expect to attend additional days of training and review the curriculum presented after each class with a Senior Academy Trainer.

Certification testing and application processing fees at the CYC Professional level are included in the overall TOT costs for each trainer in most cases (not included for smaller TOT groups).  Trainers who do not qualify at the CYC Professional level become certified at the CYC Entry or Associate levels.