The Academy for Competent Youth Work was established by the Texas Youth and Child Care Worker Association (TYCCWA) in 2001. When CYC certification was implemented in Texas and nationally, many organizations approached TYCCWA wanting training based on the certification requirements and competencies. The Academy was formed as a 501c3 to develop these courses and to conduct research to describe the impact of high quality competency-based training and certification on practitioners, organizations, and outcomes with young people.

Since 2001, the Academy has extended its professional development programs across the United States. The Academy currently has over 60 instructors located in nine states. Over the years, over 1800 participants from 25 states and 2 foreign countries have attended Academy sponsored training events. Academy courses are taught at the University of Pittsburgh and University of Maine.

The Academy’s international offices are located in College Station, Texas.


Academy initial Board of Directors and staff.
Back Row: Robert Brewer, Michelle Luetge, Steve Bewsey, Pam Johnson, Stan Hamlin.
Front: Frank Eckles.

Board of Directors

The Academy is administered by a board of directors composed of representatives from the Texas Youth and Child Care Worker Association (TYCCWA) Board of Directors, representatives from sponsoring or partnering agency members of  TYCCWA, and representatives from state and national groups of child care/foster care providers, educational or service organizations, consumer groups, and public and private agencies and individuals supportive of the goals and purposes of the Academy.