The Academy for Competent Youth Work was established by the Texas Youth and Child Care Worker Association (TYCCWA) in 2001. It began operations in early 2002. When CYC certification was implemented in Texas and nationally, many organizations approached TYCCWA wanting training based on the certification requirements and competencies. The Academy was formed as a 501c3 to develop these courses and to conduct research to describe the impact of high-quality competency-based training and certification on practitioners, organizations, and outcomes with young people.

Since 2001, the Academy has extended its professional development programs across the United States. The Academy currently has over 65 instructors located in 13 states. Over 3000 participants from 700+ programs in 39 states and 2 foreign countries have attended Academy sponsored training events. Academy courses are taught in organizations and communities, high schools, colleges, and universities.

Over the years, the Academy has emerged as a vital partner for many organizations. Through the office services program, the Academy has collaborated to provide communication, book keeping, membership, publications, and training services for many organizations including: the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice, CYC Certification Institute, CYC Certification Board, International CYC-Network, Youth in Focus, and Texas Youth and Child Care Worker Association. Sharing infrastructure costs has made it possible for many of these organizations to thrive while keeping their resources concentrated on the services they deliver to the community.

The Academy’s international offices are located in College Station, Texas.

Board of Directors

The Academy is administered by a board of directors composed of representatives from state and national groups of child care/foster care providers; education, training, and service organizations; consumer groups; public and private agencies, and individuals supportive of the goals and purposes of the Academy.