Training for trainers of the Meaningful Use of Daily Life Event (DLE) course is typically offered on the day following the course.  Using this approach allows many people to complete the core course taught by a Senior Trainer while a smaller group can become trainers to support expansion of local training capacity. 


The Academy offers this course in collaboration with TransformAction International.  The Academy is the US distributor and authorized TOT provider for the DLE Training.

Certified Trainers may deliver training in their own organization and may also offer open trainings to the general public using approved materials.

In order to become certified as a trainer, the applicant:

  • TransformActioncompletes a training by a Certified Trainer in the course for which they are interested in
    becoming a trainer.
  • is involved in the field of youth work or youth services for 5 years.
  • is recommended by a certified trainer.
  • has access to a setting and/or network in which to deliver the training.

Certification as a Trainer requires that the applicant complete the Training for Trainers course, offered by Transformaction International in the US or Canada. Such trainings are offered annually in various locations internationally and through the Academy in the US. 

Certification as a Trainer is valid for three years after which the trainer must take a new Training for Trainers course in order to maintain their certification. This requirement ensures that trainers are constantly up-to-date with advances in the materials. Certified Trainers are expected to maintain the integrity of the materials at all times and also to respect the policies and procedures of Transformaction International regarding trainings.

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